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California has a plethora of amazing theme parks, attracting visitors and adrenaline junkies from all over the world. Kids in particular, dream about their first trip to a theme park.  Most of us adults still remember the thrill and excitement of attending our first ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean, or the Colossus. So. Cal. has it all. But with rollercoasters, waterslides and other attractions like these, comes a vast potential for injuries or even death, especially when the park administrators failed to follow reasonable safety procedures.

Were you or your child one of these casualties?  If so, retaining amusement park accident attorneys is a lot more difficult than it often seems at first glance. This is because these big money ventures fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out on negligence claims, so much so, many lawyers shy away from suing them at all. The strategy many of these wealthy corporations use, is “don’t sue me, it is not worth it”. Literally, some of these recreational parks will spend more money fighting the liability claim, than it is worth, in order to send a message to lawyers that there are easier targets. But Ehline will not shy away.

We understand that these parks rely upon waivers, and recreational immunity to try and avoid liability for serious problems with their rides, structures. But nothing can excuse a theme park from its failure to reasonably inspect and cure unreasonable dangerous conditions, and so on and so forth. When you hire us, you can rest assured in knowing that the harder the big corporations fight the injured people who flocked to their facilities, the harder we fight back! We have already recovered millions of dollars for California consumers and visitors from other countries who have been injured in California. We are also interested in helping you when your holiday dream has turned into a nightmare. Call us for a free consultation now at 888.400.9721. Discover the difference between a highly motivated law firm and an average one. Ehline Law is a “cut above.”

  • The Major Theme Parks Where Injuries Take Place
  • There are Hundreds of Injuries Each Year
  • The 2003 Injury Statistics
  • Popular Theme Park
  • Famous Waterparks
  • Conclusion

The Major Recreational Parks Where Injuries Occur

Santa Monica Pier Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster accident on tape

Just to name a few, Disneyland, Raging Waters, Knotts Berry Farm, and Magic Mountain are among the most popular places to have fun in California. Because there are so many tourist spots, it is possible, that an individual, or their small child will be seriously injured while attending some of the “fatal attractions” on some of these premises. This is in part due to the competition by each park to have the ultimate thrill ride, or latest thrill concept to attract people and get the most money for tickets. As a result, profits can often become more important than people.

Water Ride Accidents at Knotts Berry Farm

Amusement park personal injury lawyer for waterpak accidents

We understand the dynamics of a theme park negligence case. In the news we often see and hear about dozens of roller coaster victims being injured due to rides stopping too fast, or from seat restraint failures during these exciting thrill rides, that are particularly known for causing injury to children.

Hundreds of People are Injured Each Year at Theme Parks From Negligence

Hundreds of people are sent to the hospital with back, neck and head injuries every year from waterpark and theme park mishaps in general. Some patients spend significant time in the hospital; while others are treated and released to home care. Some of the people admitted to hospital suffer fatalities as a result of these carnival type accidents.

When shocking accidents happen, is strictly a matter of time and statistics. There is no official data base for amusement rides, slides, or theme park injuries; either federal or state. There are no U.S. Laws or agencies who regulate, or even mandate ride operators in the several states to do or not to do things regarding theme or water park safety procedures. In the state of California, as of 2007, no laws exist on the books at all requiring ride operators to report their accidents to state authorities.

Other states may regulate their parks, or require them to report ride accidents to the regulatory agencies there. They may also be self insured. But there simply is no uniform law of amusements parks, and unless you sue and get the court to order discovery of prior similar incidents, you may never know who else was injured from the same ride or dangerous area(s) at the park itself, such as a roller coaster accident Universal Studios.

2003 Injury Statistics Show an Alarming Trend:

Venice Beach Boardwalk Accidents
  • In year 2002, moving amusement rides made up at least at least three thousand (3000) hospitalized injuries to park spectators;
  • In or about year 2002, trampolines, inflatable boats and slides that inflate, made up approximately two thousand five hundred (2,500) trips to hospital emergency rooms by amusement park victims;
  • In the years 1987 to the year 2000, amusement park rides caused at least 4 fatal accidents in each calendar year;
  • In other stats, the CPSC described other injury causing factors, and hazards involving amusement park related incidents, such as:
  • Mechanical failure from structural failure, broken or missing safety pins, cracked welds and other structural weakening parts, like sheared wires, broken and malfunctioning lap bars and seat belt restraints, or even human error like failure to turn the ride off.
  • Human Error: slamming brakes, abrupt stops, improperly repair, maintenance or assembly.
  • Improper behavior by park attendees: Ride riders who recklessly, intentionally and willfully rock and shake rail cars, who stand during rides, who break safety restraint devices, who sit in such a way as to defeat the safety restraints, who carry children outside the restraint systems causing them to lose hold and drop the babies.

There are many potential defendants in an error, from manufacturers, designers, and park operators all the way to products liability, negligence, breach of contract, or tort law, and premises liability slip and falls.

California Amusement Parks Where Injuries are Common:

Most of the parks in existence where injuries are commonly reported, are as follows: Sea World, San Diego, California, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, Tahoe Amusement Park, Lake Tahoe, CA, Universal Studios, Universal City, CA., Belmont Park, San Diego, CA, Adventure City, Stanton, CA, Children’s Fairyland, Oakland, CA, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California, Funderland, Sacramento, CA, Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA, Legoland, Carlsbad, CA, Pacific Park, Santa Monica, CA, Pharaoh’s Lost, Kingdom, Redlands, CA, Pixieland Park, Concord, CA, Rotary Storyland & Playland, Fresno, CA, San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Diego as well as Escondido, CA, Scandia Amusement Park, Ontario, CA.

California Waterparks Where Injuries are Common:

Drowning and head injuries from twisting and deeply inclined slides are quite common at the following locations:

The Rapids Waterslide, Pleasonton, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Valencia, Sixn Flags Waterworld, Concord, Six Flags Waterworld, Sacramento, Soak City U.S.A., Roseville WaterWorks Park, Redding CA, Wild Water Adventures, Clovis California Water Parks, Antioch Water Park, Antioch, Crocodile Dundees, Boomerang Bay, Santa Clara, The Island Waterpark, CA, Fresno, CA, Mustang Water Slides, Orcutt, Raging Waters, San Dimas Raging Waters, San Jose, CA.

Many of these cases require a firm with advanced litigation skills such as those possesed by Ehline Law Firm PC.  This is because overlapping issues of premises liability, defective products law, will come into play.  We have faith that knowledge and expertise in these complex areas of tort law, will lead the way in protecting the rights of of injured victims just like you. Our staff of fantastic lawyers have favorably delivered excellent representation to many consumers who were harmed in premises liability claims just like these.


When you or your loved ones need amusement park legal assistance for injuries at a theme park, let us answer your important questions, and see if you have a viable injury claim or not. Determining fault is a major factor that usually requires the assistance of a serious injury attorney. You may have assumed the risk of injury by purchasing a ticket. Contact our excellent and experienced PI lawyers at Ehline Law, before the statute of limitations expires to see if you have a case.

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